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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. for the first time in more than a decade, an outward mall is happening, we will tell what you you can expect for the full day's festivities, the morning news starts right now. . good morning thank you for joining us this thursday morning, i am pam cook. >> mark is here, do we need a jacket? >> it would be a nice accessory. >> remember, we had record heat and we have a complete 180 and some rain showers are up to our north and some rain snow showers are right to our east
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and lake tahoe reported some mixed precipitation. there is a chance of a shower but the bulk moves into the afternoon hours. 55 to right around 62 degrees. and sal right now has an update on traffic. >> you can feel it especially if you are in a small car across the bridges. you can see traffic moving along well, it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. at 5:00, we are tracking developing news, a hazmat scare in burlingame, carbon-monoxide was found, what is going on tara? >> well, officials have let the second and third floors get back into their rooms in order to get their belongings and if you take a look behind me, psych the windows are still open here. those folks have actually been coming out after getting into their rooms and they are
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packing up their cars and heading out. there are hundreds more who are still out in the cold. firefighters tell us this all began when head to transport them to the hospital near the san francisco international airport and we don't know if their ill necessary is re-- illness is related to carbon- monoxide was reported. a faulty boiler led to that league but they sampled the air, and they evacuated the building about 1,000 people because this hotel was booked. >> our first priority has flights out of the area and we will monitor the rooms and if it is safe we will have access to gather their belongings and we willpable to get their flights. >> this is the first time we have gotten up at 1:30 and i was up on the 8th floor and at
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alarm went off and i have not been able to go back in yet. >> most of these people are calmed out and some went out to their cars, turned the heat on because it is cold. hazmat crews will term when it is safe to go back outside. police are keeping us abreast of the situation and as soon as we get more information we will pass it along to you. in overnight news, san jose police detonated a pipe bomb near the airport. >> that was the scene before 9:00 last night, officers pulled over a car at for the first street. they -- for the first street. -- north 1st street. officers cleared the scene
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sometime after midnight. there were no injuries and the driver was arrested. >> a woman said she was kidnapped in the east bay and she was kidnapped and ended up in a secluded part of oakland hills along the area not far. they uponned -- responded there around midnight and par met particular checked out the woman. we talked to them in walnut creek and they say an investigation was just beginning but they would have a commend later on today. we would have a comment for later on today having more details. first to super storm sandy, now it is slowly moving out not after bearing northeast and snow. the nor'easter has brought down more power lines and stopped computer trains again. utilities in new york and new
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jersey say 60,000 customers who lost pour because of sandy are back in the dark. it is another setback for people who are trying to bounce back from sandy. >> it is terrible, i am done. >> for thousands of people in coastal neighborhoods in new jersey, they were told to leave because of the potential for flooding in low-lying areas. several thousand feet were expected there. those waves were not as big but still worrisome. they are also doing a number on flights as well and airlines have canceled at least 1,300 flights to and from the metro area. fso does expect flights and jfk will be canceled today so call ahead if you are flying or expecting someone. 31 flights were canceled including connecticut and
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washington d.c. president barack obama is back at the white house, no time to celebrate his victory. he has pressing issues, his family and president barack obama came back to the white house last night he urged them all to work together to cut through the gridlock and right now everybody is promising they will cooperate. >> let's challenge ourselves to rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our court tri. >> it is better -- country. >> it is better to dance than to fight. it is better to work together. everything does not have to be a fight. that is the way it has been the last couple of years. >> coming up, major challenge facing the president and the congress before the end of this year. how to stop the nation from going off a fiscal cliff. we are just hours away from
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the highly anticipated outlets and several shoppers will be turning out in big numbers. we will have more about the warning about some traffic delays but we have a look at this new mall, claudine wong? >> reporter: yes, i am trying to convince them to open up early but no go. this is a 10:00 a.m. opening and we are taking up prad do and armani and they are expecting a lot out here. this is a 500,000 square foot outlet mall and they do expect this weekend to be the biggest in terms of sales and when you are talking about all the people coming out here, this is off 580 in livermore and like you said, this is the first outlet mall which has opened in 11 years. so this is expected to be a
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really good time right before christmas. many have permanent jobs and i want to show you the job fair last month. 2000 people will be employed at these 130 scores. all the -- stores. all the leases are sold out and it broke ground in august of 2011 so it took awhile to get this underway but 10:00 a.m., official grand opening, crowds are expected to come, they did have a preview event last night and they did have another event tonight. they are warning people, traffic congestion is -- congestion is expected to be heavy and they are sold as a high-end outlet mall. we have them man mark cass --
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neiman march cuss for whatever your shopping neither needs are . sal -- needs are. >> sal, we have bart delays? >> yes, we have some track issues on the bart tracks between south san francisco and the station, i do have a map of this area. i have circled it if you want to go to the maps right here. this right here, there are some issues because there is some track issues and i just got off the phone with bart. some trains will be definitely late this morning. if you are taking the trains over to bay point, we will keep an eye on this. let's go out and take a look at some other things. this is a look at the east shore freeway and traffic is moving along well if you are driving to the mcarthur maze. also we are looking at the commute on the bay bridge approach and westbound traffic is moving along nicely getting
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into san francisco. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17 here is mark. >> first we will begin with the nor'easter and the rain showers and snow showers have been on the decrease. some more rainfall is expected for boston and back here, we are dry here with some rain and snow showers off to the east and this is what we are watching. some incoming waves. as far as some winds into the advance of this system, here is a look. fso, winds are sustained coming out of the west, oakland 18 and the same deal out towards that area so we do have a bit of a breeze. as a result, temperatures will continue to drop and we will be tracking a few showers later on today. by tomorrow, there is a chance of a few thunderstorms pushing into parts of the region so we will break it down into 8:00,
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and we will be in the forecast models and it is windy out there, by 12:00, we will have some scattered showers across parts of the region and we have parts of south bay with a chance of a shower. temperatures, everybody cools off, remember we had 80s and 70s, and today we are barely making it into the upper 70s. there is a chance of a shower and the weekend will be dry with some very cold mornings. coming up, we will look at the winter weather advisory that will soon begin up in the sierra. we have new video of a pilot trying to make a getaway in a stolen plane. we have more criminal vexing on -- investigations on what the pilot was facing. good morning, highway 40 is
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looking ghoul as we get to the willow pass grade and we will tell you more about -- looking good as we get to the willow pass grade and we will tell more about the morning commute coming up. before cold & flu season, help prevent
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with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. . one of the planes wings clipped the side of the building and the plane crashed
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into some cars fences and light poles. authorities say the pilot was wanted in connection with a former killing in colorado and he was shot after the attempted plane theft. a man is accused of threatening to shoot several people. officers received a call about a man threatening to kill people in the ocean view neighborhood. when police arrived they found the suspect hold up in his house. negotiators percent situated him to give up the suspect will undergo a mental health examination. the fight for reelection has given away potential confrontation with president barack obama. now we will have more on the details with battle lines that are being drawn as we speak. allison? >> reporter: after the past few days we have heard republicans
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and president barack obama finding new ways to cooperate but when president barack obama arrived back at the white house after a victory last night he had to deal with the fact that it had also been the worst day on wall street this year and that means pressure is intensifying on him and congressional leaders to deal with the massive budget cuts that will kick in at the end of this year. both sides are calling for compromise. >> i want everyone to understand, you can't push us around, we want to work together. >> after years of dealing the fiscal challenges, 2013 is going to be different. >> reporter: and for the first time yesterday, house speaker john boehner indicated republicans might be willing to consider new sources of revenue as part of tax reform and everybody is trying to figure out if that means republicans are now willing to accept some new tax increases as part of a
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broader deal. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well voter turn out here in california was a lot lower than four years ago. 59% of voters in california passed their ballots this year. back in 2008, the number was over 70% and it was just over half of 70% of registered voters turn out for the election. the protests will mark the one year anniversary of occupied cal which caused clashes between students and campus police. the passage of proposition 30 should be used to lower the situation. the sound of earthquakes have been eliminated and the defending champion came to town
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last night. the bay beat the quakes final score 3-1 and robby scored 2 goals. the galaxy came onto the western conference finals in salt lake. san jose season is over now and then there is buster posey, the giant's catcher knocked him into the favorite as the most valuable player. yesterday, buster was named a finalist. he is joined by chase headley, and andrew mccutchen. they will announce the new mvp thursday. >> i am thinking buster. >> i hope so, congratulations to him. that is nice. i am keeping an eye on the bart system and first of all, we have had our eyes on the delays between houma and south san francisco.
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these bart delays will be affecting the area where i have circled and some are areas out of knew bray. -- new bray. several done actually keep track of the trains coming but if you do, you will notice delays from san francisco going out to the east bay and this is tracking equipment trying to solve issues and i just got off the phone with bart central and they are working out the problems. no problems getting into san francisco and right now it is a small delay and off you go into the city. if you are driving 880 north, this traffic is moving along very well in both directions. 5:19 let's go to mark. thursday morning, look at what is going on behind me. it is not here just yet, but it has made our way up towards the sierra and right now this is
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the main system and this will be the source of some shower activity as we head into the afternoon hours. satellite and radar, we can see parts of southern california and this is the system we have been talking about over the past few days and it is already the source of some cool air and in fact right on to the weekend, some more snow showers in the sierra and this begins 10:00 this morning and all the way to 5:00 and the snow levels could be going to 2500 feet a look at snow showers. these showers begin to affect the central portions of the bay. late this afternoon it could affect parts of the south bay and still basically a chance everywhere and into the evening hours we could be tracking another batch of showers pushing into parts of the region. this morning there is a chance
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of a shower late this morning scattered showers and temperatures will continue to cool things off. upper 50s to lower 60s san jose right around 60 degrees and a look ahead a chance of a shower friday, very cold mornings saturday into sunday. take a look at how snow levels will be here in the bay area as well as friday. the greek parliament approved pros terry measures and interest rate studies. asian markets finished the day with mostly losses and they are looking to see if the u.s. will quickly resolve its fiscal cliff issue. futures indicate a higher opening here in the u.s. and follows if you missed it a big drop with the dow jones industrial average up 300 points back below 13,000 and we will be watching closely for the moves this morning. keeping an eye on apple stock,
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apple finished trading at $58 per share and that's down several points. despite that, the apple still has the largest market exam, exxon mobile comes in second and is trailing $630 billion behind apple. is that all? >> yes, that is too. >> they are checking for clues in the oldest building. and three strikes, serving life in prison after voters passed proposition 36.
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. bay area historians are trying to solve the mystery of the old fort. experts know the fort is more than 200 years old and now they are trying match it with rings on trees that have already been dated. if cut down before, the fort would be the oldest building in california. the suspect is still out there and now the shooter fired at the deputy patrol's car in
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an area about 4:30. the rear window was actually shot out and the deputy was hit by flying glass but was otherwise okay. some three strikes inmates now serving life in prison may be set free as early as january after voters approved proposition 36. it means relatively violent minor third strike crimes may no longer result in a life sentence. and the three strike inmates may well be eligible for release. >> i never thought i would actually be able to be free with my family again. >> that gives me an incentive to really get out there and show the public act society that i have been pre-hamburger bill stated. >> -- rehabilitated. >> 3,000 candidates are eligible for release. things are getting better,
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pam, there are still some delays but they are not major anymore. some trains are still having delays because of track issues. also this morning, we are watching the roads and the roads are doing well, heading up to 280 and that traffic looks good. on the sunole grade, we are off to pleasanton to fremont. let's go to mark. we have record heat across parts of the bay area and this morning we have cold rain showers not just yet but they are up to the north up along the north coast and we are heading into this especially in the afternoon. showers are returning and a chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow, we could have snow levels down potentially to around 3,000 feet and that's how cold it will be with a little bit of dusting on parts of the hills. upper 50s to lower 60s, there is a chance of a shower and we
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definitely want to bundle up, we could be near the freezing mark. coming up, winds are up there across parts of the region. thank you mark. time now, a powerful storm, we will have a live report, look at the area millions of people along the east coast and what they are dealing with. sheriff ross mirkarimi could be facing a new fight to keep his job and the group is preparing to launch a a recall effort. and an explosive situation in the south bay, what police discovered during a routine traffic stop, stay tuned.
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. time now is 5:30 i hear you should bring your umbrella, mark is here. >> yes, the weather pattern continues to change, we felt a cool down and temperatures are down 10 to 20 degrees parts of the bay area and right now it is dry but it is dry up along the north coast, if you look at the current speeds, out towards fso, we have winds sustained out about 20 miles per hour. the rainfall, we have that in a few minutes, here is sal. good morning, traffic is doing -- it is getting a little
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slower on highway 4 no major problems but if you are driving in marin county traffic looks good approaching 580, let's go back to the desk. a positive outlook following a carbon-monoxide leak. we will have more to find out what is happening there now. >> reporter: hazmat sent all of the evacuees back into the hotel, some of them have chosen to leave and others headed back to bed. no carbon-monoxide detectors went off. but it is interesting, hotels were given an extension until january 1st of next year so had they been in place, firefighters may have been able to figure out this problem much
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sooner. firefighters were called out to the embassy suite. they called out hazmat and found high levels of carbon month objection period. they evacuated the building and traced the like to a faulty boiler. >> they were checking the levels and the levels were too high so they were not letting us in until just now so they kept everybody out for about four hours. >> there were a few people in their hoboken and it was -- robes and it was pretty interesting. >> a lot of them headed out to the restaurant. >> what are you going to do? >> well, i will hang out until we decide whether they will let us in and again they were just allowed back in and firefighters tell us they were
5:34 am
actually here around 6:30 and they transported a man to the hospital and we don't know if indeed his illness was carbon month objection period poisoning. some went to their cars, it is extremely cold out here and by the way, it is core bond monoxide awareness month and that's the good news. life in burlingame, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, san jose is telling us the name of the man accused of causing a bomb scare and it all started with a traffic stop. jeanine what do you know? >> reporter: well, i just spoke to a hotel worker who lives here and he tells me he is a mazed this situation is over. we are near that new casino and
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you can see we are here near the strip mall. this is where police originally stopped that vehicle. what you just heard is police detonating a pipe bomb from inside that vehicle and they determined the driver was under the influence of drugs and that prompted -- drugs and that's when they discovered the explosive device. they shut down the area and evacuated nearby businesses. >> police said there was a nearby bomb threat and later we found out he had a pipe bomb in his car. police detonated it before using a row a bot. they had to shut down 101 while all of that was being done. police ended up arresting the driver of the van and he has been identified as james mcgill
5:36 am
and he is under arrest for possession of that explosive device and for driving under the influence. back here we want to show you the area of having detonated that. you can see they sent a robot across the street and the reason they piled up those sandbags is that all the debris would not dispurse and damage any of the nearby businesses here. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a woman's group is preparing to launch an effort to take out sheriff ross mirkarimi. they do not want a sheriff who has been convicted of domestic violence. they are targeting supervisor christine who voted to reinstate him and she lost her
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bid for the san francisco supervisors. we don't know not what is next for mitt romney. he returned on tuesday to watch the election results. he said win or lose he wanted to spend time with his family and mitt romney advisers say he is not talking about what will happen next but he is not likely to disappear from politics. a big shake up during his second term at the white house and they are reportedly planning their xs. more misery, people are still trying to recover as they are hit with another winter storm. and now people are dealing with freezing temperatures and still the power is out for many, good
5:38 am
morning, emily. hello, pam, after this neighborhood sustained a terrible first punch, there was an eight foot storm surge that came in and you can see it knocked the foundation off the house behind me. they have not had power and the northeast was beginning to recover when they got this dose of winter weather they really did not need. a powerful nor'easter delivers another blow. >> it is in the grid of my state and city and obviously this region. >> the storm pounded the northeast with snow rain and winds gusting 60 miles per hour. the staten island home with this new storm, it is pushing him to the limit. >> everything that is here is mine and i am trying to save it. >> they are asking them to go someplace safer. >> there could be some major
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flooding some spots already eroded by sandy. the problem is, it is not there. >> reporter: it is creating a problem for people and it has been recovery efforts on hold. >> frustrate something a fair word. >> reporter: bad conditions caused drivers to be stranded. >> cars were not going anywhere, knock was open. >> reporter: at least this new york resident is taking this wild weather in stride. >> we got through the first one, we could get through anything. >> it caused more power outages than there were yesterday and problems for air traverse, more than 1,000 flights in and out of this region have now been canceled, pam? >> amazing. >> we need to get the power on
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for those people. >> have you fixed everything on bart yet? >> things are better, i am glad you asked that because things getting better on the bart system and they have some track delays including the part station. there are still some minor delays heading to san francisco. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no major problems coming through and the traffic is continuing work well getting into san francisco. no major problems on 880 north and it is looking good. but train are still slightly delayed because of earlier traffic issues, let's go to mark. i noticed your camera
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shaking, winds are gust being out towards oakland and we do have some rain and it is not rain being just yet, the rain showers were tracking out to the east and you can see it has been picking up out towards men seen know -- mendocino and we do want to bundle up. in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, downtown san francisco 53 and reporting 54 degrees. the weather system is responsible for the big temperature change and readings have dropped 10 to 20 degrees and this will also be the source of a few showers and possibly the chance of a 13 storm and better bet. in fact this was updated over the past hour. partly cloudy skies and we will take this into the afternoon hours by 12:00 and we introduce some scattered showers.
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by 4:00 we have another chance of a shower and we have another batch pushing into the regents by 9:00 and 10:00. lower 60s, it is dry but we definitely want to keep the umbrella handy on the chance of a shower increase. get ready for some cold mornings saturday into sunday and coming up, we will look at the winter weather advisory that will soon kick in for theee sierra. a new look at the latest unemployment. and by the winners, they may not be aware of it any time soon. >> as you cross into the silicone valley we will tell you more about the commute and have another check of your
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. welcome back, here is a quick look at the top stories, some hotel guests are now allowed to go back to their rooms after they were let out of their rooms, the reason, a carbon-monoxide leak. people are still stuck outside waiting to go back in. they traced it to a boiler and they have now shut it off.
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well you saw that and heard it, they blew up a pipe bomb which was found in the casino may tricks. that discovery was made during a traffic stop. the man has been eye didn't paid to as 35-year-old james mcgill. and we are in livermore right here these are pictures from the par gone outlet stores in livermore. that is what is going to happen, a grand opening at 10:00 this morning. they are worried about traffic delays and shoppers are expected to flock to this new outlet mall. they are searching for remains linked to two notorious killers here in california. they say federal acts will be better equipped to handle the
5:47 am
search. they disposed of dozens of bodies after a killing spree in the '80s and '90l1sl0. they are looking to see if the remains belong to missing kayla garret. jared loughner is being sentenced to life in prison. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband retired astronaut mark kelly is set to speak. congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot during a deadly attack and he avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to 13 charges. and on the west coast of canada it was centered 25 miles off the coast of vancouver island. late last month, it caused a small tsunami and prompted evac wakes a long coastal areas.
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death toll has reached 48 at least from a major earthquake from the guatemala border. it was a 7.4 earthquake but they felt it as far away as mexico city. several buildings collapsed and at least 100 people are missing as of right now. they caused mudslides which are making it hard for rescue teams to get to some of the buildings. it will be the first time a president will visit, white house has not a knowned any plans to visit and they have been encouraging the reason progress by easing some of the sanctions applied against the old military government. some changes are expected
5:49 am
to his cabinet during his term in the white house. she will not be coming back for another four years. senator jim kerry is expected to be replaced by john and leon panetta said he is ready to return to his walnut farm in monterey. there are still thousands of ballots to count since tuesday's election. they have 235,000 mail in and provisional ballots to tally. san francisco has 90,000 and alameda as 1 40,000. it could be days before we get some of the final results. >> sal, how is highway 101 doing? >> well, it is actually doing okay, dave. pam, we'll see some traffic
5:50 am
drive willing through. incase you are trying to get to the air port, getting down to that general area of the bay. we are seeing more of a backup as we hit closer to 6:00 and we are expecting it to be in those cash lanes, it is coming off the pass and it looks good to caster valley and beyond. let's go to mark. we are dry right now no rainfall to worry about at least for the morning commute but look at what is happening to our north and even towards the east. snow levels are eventually dropping and you will notice it dropping and we do have a wind right around fso and right around fairfield sustained at 18. you can see what is happening, rain showers are popping up towards southern california and
5:51 am
this is a rain system we have been talking about over the past few days. look at the speckled nature and that's a signature of cold air and if you think it is cold, temperatures will come down thursday into friday. as far as the snow in the sierra, it begins and snow fall potentially. partly cloudy and windy 58 this morning and we bring in scattered showers this morning 53 to 56. a chance of a shower to right around 62 degrees. plans throughout the day increases in showers today and everybody cools off mainly into the upper 60s and with a look at your forecast, a shower chance will linger into friday and the weekend will be dry. >> thank you, mark.
5:52 am
a few minutes ago they are running for 40,000 and that is down 1,000 as they are influenced by hurricane sandy. they are still collecting long time unemployment insurance. and tuesday before election results were official, spirit is sent an e-mail with mitt romney wins in the subject line. when the e-mail was opened, it says, so does obama and you, and the e-mail went on to be known but some say this was over the top. the giants won the world series, who is being accused now for torching immune any bus and why the search is not over yet. we will tell you why dozen
5:53 am
spent the night outside and the protest that is also planned this morning.
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. on tuesday a construction worker reported a foul odor coming from mission boulevard police believe the body was there for some time and the body and identity are not known. police made a second arrest in connection with the night the giants won the world series. he was booked on felony charges including arson and vandalism. police also released this photo of another person they are still searching for. it shows him smashing the windows of the bus in with a skateboard. dozens of people are camping out in walnut creek and they are at the areas of she chick-fil-a -- chick-fil-a restaurant. pam, i am not making this up,
5:57 am
this is a slum per party -- slumber party outside chick-fil- a restaurant and they are counting down in just about an hour from now. they want to be one of the first 100 people in line who want to win a year's supply of free meals. >> you get this crispy chicken sandwich, it is a little bit of catch shouldn't -- ketchup and mustard on it. >> you may remember, this sparked a big controversy after taking a stand against same sex marriage. they are backing off from that political controversy. we are coming closer to 6:00 and it could be getting busier on the roads, let's check in with sal. you are absolutely right, 280 northbound although it is not stop and go and we are looking apt more cars on the
5:58 am
road -- looking at more cars on the road and it is certainly not stop and go and this is the big precursor of delays and we will have more coming up in just a moment, gets back to dave and pam. reports of a new kidnapping, the new claims both police and walnut creek are investigating at this hour. we have the latest on a carbon-monoxide scare coming up in our next report. shower chances here in the bay area and snow up in the sierra.
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